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May 14, 2020 - 6pm

Daniel Neumann


Is it safe to light a candle? Let me try

Daniel Neumann opens SO⅃OS, the new performance series at Fridman Gallery, with a performance titled Soundcheck, which simultaneously functions as the actual check for the series. Neumann’s art is influenced by his technical profession as a sound engineer. With this opening performance he is inverting his technical role – being the engineer for the series – into an explicit part of his artistic practice.

For Soundcheck Neumann activates the whole apparatus: playback devices, multiple microphones, spatial amplification, cameras, the gallery space itself, recording, time layers, solitude and online liveness. The limitations of this SO⅃O are actualized as generative potentialities, the engineer::performer taking on the empty gallery one-on-one.

Daniel Neumann

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