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CT::SWaM presents ⎤⎤⎤ by ⎤⎤⎤

⎤⎤⎤ is an experimental noise project formed by Chantal Michelle and Grace Villamil.

Join us for an album release event in Fridman Gallery's Listening Room, a special 8-channel listening environment.

⎤⎤⎤ is an experimental noise project formed by Chantal Michelle and Grace Villamil. Working across performance and installation, they examine processes of sound obliteration through synthesis, electronics, found sounds, and vocalization. Distortion is stripped revealing uninhabited, organic, and intuitive patterns. Through the conscious layering of complex textures, they seek to guide the listener into a state of catharsis — one that functions as both antidote and mirror to society.


CT::SWaM [Contemporary Temporary:: Sound Works and Music] is an artist-run series that focuses on spatial sound works, where the distribution and localization of sounds is a primary compositional parameter and a central feature for the listener. These works consider architectural, acoustical and technological factors in exploring the complex and dynamic relationship between sound and space. The formats are open and include contemporary sound experiments, electro-acoustic multi-channel composition, improvisation, non-traditional performance configurations, lowercase artistic presence, and workshops – all of which diverge from a fixed perspective on audible space.

Accessibility information: 

Masks will be required for this event, and the performance space will have two (quiet) air filters. Extra masks will be available.

Fridman Gallery is a first floor building with no stairs, with an accessible bathroom.

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