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Radial 6.

Wednesday, May 11


169 Bowery | NYC

Afrikan Sciences

Live - "Spectrum Civics: Photon Wizard navigates proudly in the age of bombast."

Eric Douglas Porter aka Afrikan Sciences has been deconstructing and re-building
forms of contemporary Black music since the early 2000’s, through releases on labels
such as Deepblak (the label he co-ran with Armon Bazile aka Aybee), PAN, Firecracker
Recordings, and ESP Institute among many.

His musical universe is one of warping cadences and celestial melody, referencing the
bold work of percussionists like Milford Graves & Art Jenkins, the dissonant chords of
Motor City Techno and stripped back essence of early Chicago House matched with
broken Hard Bop sentiments : all tied together with an aesthetic that sits somewhere
between the writings of Octavia Butler, Sun Ra’s omniverse, Jean Giraud Mœbius and
Dogon cosmology.

There is a clear sense of human centered approach in Porter’s output, with an
emphasis on improvisation, fluidity, exploration and development. It is a sound for the
acquired taste yet not exclusive. His live performances resonate through the audience
leaving them enthralled, hypnotized, and enriched. Triumphing over the limitations of
electronic composition with productions and performances with a truly organic feel
appearing in venues like the BlueNote(NY), Jazz Cafe(London), Prince
Charles(Berlin), Jazz House(Copenhagen), Nublu(Istanbul), Museum of Modern Art
(Warsaw), Unit(Japan), and Boiler Room TV to name a few.



Isabella Koen
Live - "Glaze"

"How do we arrive at a decision? and how vast is the spectrum of choices by which we get there? With a desire to bring forth the practices and sounds that inform that
spectrum of choices as well as inspire her live performances and private reflective listening, Isabella shares an investigation into the impact of slowness an the importance of experimentation within one's practice. Curious about the relationship between sounds at different paces and speeds and how the discourse can mutate and evolve into new creative paths, Isabella presents a new body of work of liquidized sounds and
weighted rhythms.

Isabella Koen is a sound artist, DJ, and composer best known for her hard-driving, all-hardware live sets and off-kilter releases. Her practice developed in the belly of underground art and performance spaces, and incorporates the dual role of artist and researcher. Her sound is rooted in broad-ranging experimentation while simultaneously extracting known sonic signifiers from classic rave, hard techno, trance, and drum 'n' bass. She enjoys focusing her work around facets of psychedelia, psychoacoustics, self-reflective writing, and nature. She currently teaches at Berklee College of Music as an Assistant Professor in the Electronic Production and Design department focusing on techniques for hardware performance, Performing with FX and Producing music with Ableton.

About Radial: 

Radial is a performance series exploring the intersection of live sonic art, electronic music and emerging expressions in sound and subculture.  Born out of the desire to hear adventurous sound-system music in a focused listening environment where both the creator and audience’s norms are challenged.  Curated by Kamran Sadeghi and Julia Govor.

Custom Loudspeakers: Sloped Systems​

Design: Mehmet Irdel

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