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Radial 05. Flyer.png

Radial 5.

Thursday, March 10


169 Bowery | NYC

DeForrest Brown, Jr. (Speaker Music)

Live - "Techno at the End of the Future"

DeForrest Brown, Jr. is an Alabama-raised, Ex-American rhythmanalyst, lecturer, and representative of the Make Techno Black Again campaign. As Speaker Music, he channels the African American modernist tradition of rhythm and soul music as an intellectual site and sound of generational trauma, bursting through the frames of Western music and thought. His written work explores the links between the Black experience in industrialized labor systems and Black innovation in electronic music. On Juneteenth of 2020, he released the album Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry on Planet Mu, and Primary Information will publish his first book, Assembling a Black Counter Culture in 2022.


Ben Bondy

Live - "window²"

Ben Bondy is an expert purveyor of diaphanous ambience and he’s never short on wares. In the past two years the Brooklynite released nearly a dozen albums, all of them essential comforts bearing subtle moods and gentle demeanors, dubby pulses and blissed-out reveries. From time to time, he’s gracefully ventured into peripheral territories like downtempo or IDM, and his collaborations have extended his sonic boundaries further: the Blessed Kitty, with Pontiac Streator and Ulla, features vocals, while his stint with producer uon as xphresh includes a celestial breakbeat. Bondy’s secret is approaching liminality not as conduit or provocative end point but as something beguilingly uncertain. It’s this recalibration of expectations that makes his sound a marvel— Bondy sells ephemerality as something irresistible.

About Radial: 

Radial is a performance series exploring the intersection of live sonic art, electronic music and emerging expressions in sound and subculture.  Born out of the desire to hear adventurous sound-system music in a focused listening environment where both the creator and audience’s norms are challenged.  Curated by Kamran Sadeghi and Julia Govor.

Design: Mehmet Irdel

We require all visitors to wear masks, and all concertgoers to present evidence of either Covid vaccination or negative PCR test taken during the previous 72 hours.

Proceeds from this performance will be contributed to Return Alive Foundation assisting victims of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Additional direct donations are encouraged.

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