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Tuesday, August 24


169 Bowery | NYC


Live AV -"The Good Haffi Suffer For The Bad: a techno opera {overture}"

Tygapaw  - Live AV - "The Good Haffi Suffer For The Bad: a techno opera {overture}"

The title focuses on a phrase that embodies the cultural violence present in Jamaican history.  Tygapaw was born and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica and now based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Dancehall as a genre caters to one specific demographic, and that is by design.  It is an expression of the desire of black men to be free of their oppressor. Dancehall also uses tools of its oppressor by enforcing and perpetuating cultural violence to exercise dominance through language.  Misogyny, homophobia and transphobia are common themes in the lyrics of dancehall music.  Using techno as her  tonal palette and the sonic foundation of the opera, Dion ( Tygapaw ) journeys into the world of Dancehall to examine the deeply rooted implications of violence through language and sound.  “Violence breeds Violence.  In this world of sonic exploration Techno and Dancehall co-conspire to express a common sentiment, that the good will no longer suffer for the bad."

Dion McKenzie, a Jamaican born and Brooklyn based artist, creates sound and visual artworks. By rejecting colonial cultural narratives, Mckenzie creates sonic worlds that exemplify a profound sense of self-determination that asserts a new identity free from the constraints of external control. Using Techno as their main genre of focus, their work urges us to renegotiate and expand the potential and possibilities of our understanding of the genre. 

Mckenzie is a world touring dj and producer who has released several acclaimed music projects, the most recent being their 2020 debut album. They have also worked collaboratively on sound piece work for art instillations with other artists. This year McKenzie collaborated and created sound art for Frieze artist award recipient Precious Okoyomon’s installation at Performance Space New York. They have also performed their audio visual piece “Handle With Care” at ICA Miami in early 2020.


James Hoff

Live -“Information Does Not Exist”


James Hoff will be premiering a series of new works comprised of earworms and tinnitus. James allows the listener to use their imagination and to characterize the performance by surrendering entirely to ears. Based on the vivid artistic craft it will be one of the kind. Hoff's work encompasses a variety of media, including painting, sound, and performance, as well as a publishing practice with the organization Primary Information. In recent years, his work has focused on language and ambient media at the intersection of developing technologies, military/industrial technologies, and networked communication in relation to social/political space. He has released two records on PAN (How Wheeling Feels When the Ground Walks Away and BLASTER) and several audiovisual works centered on his project HOBO UFO, the most recent being a collaboration with DeForrest Brown, Jr titled HOBO UFO (v. The New World). 


About Radial: 

Radial is a project from Kamran Sadeghi and Julia Govor dedicated to the power for music to defy language barriers and geographical borders by generating pure energy. Music’s underlying and often understated quality is its ability to create a physical sensation. It is an inspiring time to generate pure sensation that can be translated to our daily lives. 

Design + Branding Mehmet Irdel

We require all visitors to wear masks, and all concertgoers to present evidence of either Covid vaccination or negative PCR test taken during the previous 72 hours.

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